It is no secret that in recent years the U.S. economy posed an unprecedented number of challenges for the real estate industry. High foreclosure rates weighed on consumers and the banks, while commercial markets dried up as business expansion slowed. This doom and gloom has set the stage for new development; however, as the economy and the real estate market has now begun to recover. The residential and commercial markets have undergone a dramatic shift, with most areas experiencing a shortage of inventory and increasing property values. The improving economy and growing demand for real estate, has created a phenomenal opportunity for forward-thinking investors.

Johansen LLC currently owns and rents two commercial properties in Southwest Florida. The Company typically purchases Class A and B commercial buildings, which can be used for retail, office, or service-oriented activities. Johansen LLC performs a strict evaluation of each property prior to purchase, ensuring that the location will be attractive to prospective tenants and a successful long-term investment. Prior to renting a building space, the Company will closely evaluate each tenant’s business forecast to ensure that it can pay rent and create a positive image for the commercial building.

Within the next few years, the Company will continue to perform property management services, as well as build its portfolio of commercial buildings. Johansen LLC will engage in the following property management activities:


Financial reporting




Building and facility inspections


Tenant relations


Lease enforcement


Repairs and maintenance


Commercial association relations